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Monday, November 21, 2016

Update On Scott's Cancer Treatment

He's doing pretty well today.  So far, only a little nausea.  I can see that he's tired though.  He's just laying on the sofa and watching TV right now.  I told him I'd take him for a ride tomorrow if he wants to see something other than our living room!  LOL!!!

Only 3 more days of chemo and then he gets a break for a couple of weeks before starting round 2.  He's hoping he can go to work on Monday next week.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Thank you so much for your help, your prayers and your well wishes for Scott's Cancer Treatment.  I'm so grateful for my online friends!!!


Ani said...

So sorry your husband is having to go thru chemo, no fun at all! Tell him to hang tough, it will get better. I'm on week three of chemo and radiation, have three weeks to go! I too feel tired a lot, can do most things I want to do but have to have breaks every couple of hours. Try and have a good Thanksgiving, lots to be thankful for, modern medicine for one!

Anonymous said...

I do have my fingers crossed, but also prayers going! It sounds like he may be taking it right during Christmas. Ugh. I'm glad he gets a little break coming up.

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