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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Peacock Wall Hanging Completed

The Peacock Wall Hanging is complete!  I always do the peacock's tail last.  I start by adding a piece of vintage jewelry to the top of the tail.  In this case, I used a pair of vintage earrings:

The next step is to "shape" the tail.  It's a matter of getting the fancy yarn to lay right:

The next step is to add the eyes to the feathers.  I used some large round gold sequins with a smaller pink flower sequin in the center:

Finally, the bottom of the tail gets a little bit of a trim:

So this is complete and ready to go!  My client plans to do the finishing herself so I'll ask her if she would send me a photo when it's hanging on her wall.


Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Beautiful. I will look forward to seeing the finished piece.

Ruth B said...

So beautiful and thanks for sharing your process!

Renee said...


Lin said...

A lovely finish Pam. Have bought some shibori ribbon so am looking forward to trying it out. xx

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