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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Calling Dell Tomorrow

Well, my little old laptop seems to be moving along much faster today than yesterday.  Maybe because I finally have everything updated.  Who knows!  I do plan to replace this laptop over the Summer but I won't be ordering from Dell again.  I'll go over to Best Buy and get a Dell laptop there.

For now, I hope that this one can keep up with me until I finally get things settled with Dell and have my new one up and running!  LOL!!!  Tomorrow I will be calling Dell to send me a replacement.  And they better have it to me by Friday!  I have run out of patience with them now.

Thank you to everyone who sent me their kind comments.  I will never order directly from Dell again.  Live and learn I guess!  From here on in, I will order what I want from Best Buy and have The Geek Squad set it up for me.

As for the magazine, I have 6 more pages to put together but one is the editors info and one is the table of contents.  Those get taken care of last.

I guess I'm just a crazy person when it comes to responsibility.  When I make a promise, I keep it come hell or high water.  I'm very committed to what I do, both with my Etsy shop and now the magazine.  I guess I expect the same sense of commitment from others, esp. big companies like #Dell.  I didn't expect to run into these problems with them.  And I climb the walls in fear of not being able to meet my responsibilities due to incompetence on someone else's part.  It's really sad when money becomes more important than the customer.  I have never run my Etsy shop that way and I never will.  Customer service and satisfaction always comes first.

I know there's a huge difference between my little Etsy shop and Dell computers but big places that like that could learn a lot from little businesses like mine.  Honestly, if you don't take care of the customers first, they don't come back!  It's not rocket science!  It's just common sense!


Arlene White said...

You rock Pam, don't forget to back up so you can transfer all those valuable files across when you get your new laptop. Looking forward to the next mag.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You are so right about customer care. That is why I shop small business when I can and did when I was a machine shop purchasing agent. Often times the big guys wondered why they couldn't entice me with more competitive pricing. My reply was always service. I love it when the vender either knows me or takes the time to see that I am a returning customer.
xx, Carol

BTW, before you buy again, do more research. I have been reading that Dell is no longer top of the line.

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