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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Calendar Blocks

I thought for today, I would share all of the beautiful blocks from the 2015 Crazy Quilt Calendar.  Since the blocks had to be cropped to fit the space, these are the complete blocks.

February - Nicki Lee Seavey

March - Maria Mulder
(Maria does not have a blog)

April - Kathy Shaw

May - Pat Winter

June - Cathy Kizerian

July - Brenda Sandusky (Facebook)

August - Gerry Krueger

September - Terri Lee Takacs

October - Betty Pillsbury

November - Connie Eyberg

December - Allison Aller

Cover - Pamela Kellogg

Please take a moment to visit the blogs of these gifted ladies and congratulate them on their beautiful work!  The 2015 Crazy Quilt Calendar would not have been possible without them!


shawkl said...

Thanks so much for posting the photos Pam. I was wondering what everyone else did for their month, and was having problems locating the individual blogs, etc. for each person. Of course, I could have just waited patiently until my calendar arrives...but, patience is not a strong character trait of mine! Ha!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What fun it is to see all the blocks (and continuing to pinch myself that mine is among them!!). Wish the mailman would hurry up!!

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