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Thursday, June 05, 2014

How About Them Apples!

Sorry for my long disappearance but I just haven't been able to complete finish up my most recent projects.  I'm also working on some gifts that I can't share yet so without anything interesting to write about, I thought I'd just wait and spare ya'll my ramblings about nothing!  LOL!!!

I will have some finishes in the next few days but in the meantime, here are a couple of little Apple Hanging Pillows that Mom made:

I hope everyone is having a Happy late Spring - early Summer!  We've plenty of rain so our Pumpkin Patch is doing quite well.  As soon as it takes off a little more, I'll share some photos.  Pumpkins just take over the yard!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

There I go, with my crazy sense of humour, into a fit of laughter and now I have to share why. When our kids were quite little the actor Patrick Swayze was one of my favourites (probably the movie 'Dirty Dancing' had something to do with it!!). Anyway, DH was reading the paper one day and came across a full page picture of Patrick. He handed it to our youngest son and told him to come and ask me how I liked 'them there apples'. Well, DS toddled out to me in the kitchen with the picture and insisted that the fellow's name in the picture was NOT Patrick Swayze, but 'dem dere apples'. Needless to say poor Patrick was saddled with that name in our household. See? Told you my sense of humour is warped!!

Anonymous said...

Your mother has made it also beautiful.
Greetings, Maria from the Netherlands.

KreinikGirl said...

So sweet! Well done, Mom!

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