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Monday, May 12, 2014

Watermelon Purse 2 Is Complete

It was a busy weekend but I did finish stitching up my 2nd Watermelon Purse and I crocheted the trim for the outside:

I'd like to get these sewn up this week.  They're perfect for Summer!

I started on a little Clutch Purse this morning:

It's kind of drizzly today so I'll get back to stitching on this when I finish up on the computer.  I'd like to go do some work outside in the yard but not in the rain.  My Bleeding Heart is beautiful this year:

My neighbor planted this for me a few years back after I lost the one I originally bought when we bought our house.  I have the sweetest neighbors.  And this one is even more beautiful than the one I bought!

I wanted to answer a question that Arlene left for me regarding Crazy Quilts in quilt shows.  Arlene was wondering if I have ever entered any of my quilts and the answer is no, I haven't.  My personal opinion, like Arlene's, is that Crazy Quilts generally are not given much respect.  They're put in the category of miscellaneous quilts.  I'm not sure anyone even knows what to base judgement on.  I don't think criteria for judging a crazy quilt has even been put together.  Art is subjective so how can it be judged other than on perfection in finishing and neatness of stitching and applying embellishments?  It's difficult to compare one to another.  So no, I haven't entered any of my Crazy Quilts in show competitions and I probably won't.

For me, Crazy Quilting is for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of anyone else who sees them or receives a piece as a gift from me.  Honestly, I think us crazy quilters are in a league of our own and that's okay!!!

1 comment:

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your purse is pretty (even though it IS As for entering CQ into shows - I agree with you. It's an art all unto its own and the sane quilters don't seem to know how to deal with it.

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