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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stitching Through The Snow

Well, it seems that we're in this weather pattern of snow every other day.  It was pretty at first.  It was novel at first.  But for me, it doesn't take long and it gets old.  I can go back to sunny and 75 any time now! 

I'm just about ready for Christmas.  How about you?  All I have left to do is to wrap my gifts and I plan to do that tomorrow.  Then I have a few days that I can take it easy.

I try to take my fancy new Fusion uptown on days that it doesn't snow.  Just to walk around a store a little bit.  And I have been stitching on some things.  I don't know if you saw my Kitties In The Teacup Pillow all stitched or not.  This is ready to sew together:

And here is another pillow that I stitched up.  It too is ready to assemble:

I love the little girl in that vintage photo.  She has the cutest little face!

I also stitched up a couple of Crazy Quilt Hearts:

I doubt I'll have time now to sew any of these together until after Christmas.  Maybe not even until after New Year's.  But at least I was smart enough to take the time before Thanksgiving to sew up a bunch of blocks so I had some things that I could stitch on.

In other news, my sweet Lucy hadn't been acting right for about 2 weeks.  So Scott and I took her to vet and, she is in the beginning stages of kidney disease.  I know it's not unusual for cats but geez!  What's up with this?  I just lost Nightmare to kidney failure back in May.

It's the early stages and she is 15 years old now, but I'll tell you, it's like getting another kick in the head.  And the heart!  Our vet has started her on the same special kidney diet that Nightmare was on.  Science Diet makes a version and Purina makes a version.  Lucy really isn't thrilled with either one of them but it seems she leans towards the Purina version a little better so I just ordered a case of that for her.  She also has a bit of arthritis in her spine down by her tail and I still kind of think she may have had a mild stroke a few weeks ago.  She's perking up now all of a sudden so she may be recovering from that.  She had a bad stroke 2 years ago and recovered fully.

Well, hopefully, since this is the early stages of KD, she should be alright for awhile if she doesn't fight me on the special diet.  Keep your fingers crossed.


Rengin Yazitas said...

I started day with your real eye-candies...I love your color combos.
I'm sorry for Lucy, hope new diet helps.
Our furry friends are sweet members of our families, I understand you so well. Our boy tasted poinsietta milk sap two months ago, we struggled to rescue him more than a month, it was so hard time!!
Season's greetings,

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Aw - I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy ailing. What a shame Pam - definitely will be hoping for good news for her, and for you. Snowing hard off and on here today and an ice storm in the forecast for sometime in the next 48 hours. Just what we need!

Lesley UK said...

Blessings and healing thoughts are winging their way across the'pond' to your lovely Lucy. Blessings and love Lesley Uk

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