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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Guess Again!

I've been trying to get to blogging all day!  I ran and got groceries this morning, came home, put everything away, trimmed a bunch of trees in my yard and have been doing laundry.  I have 3 more Rose Of Sharon trees to trim and 2 more Lilacs.  I'll have to do that during the week.  I ran out of steam!

Okay, does anyone want to take another guess on the theme of my current Crazy Quilt purse project?

I'm so surprised that the photo of the fancy yarns and the vintage brooch didn't give it away:

I've made so many of these!  Be sure to stop by for the next update.  The tail feathers go on next!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

AHA!!! Peacocks!!

The Mad Stitcher said...

Hi Pam! Love the new block and Knowing you it will be another Peacock block! I just love peacocks and yours are always so beautiful. Love the colors is this one as well. Can't wait to see it finished.
Kathy aka The Mad Stitcher

Robin said...

Well of course its a peacock I hadn't noticed the brooch before with the colorful fibers. I see now you have also finished stitching his body and just need to add the pretty tail feathers.

Robin in Washington State
ps we are all doing great the grandson is now 3 1/2 yrs old time goes fast

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