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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Student Crazy Quilt Blocks

I have some pretty completed blocks to share today.  The first is Kathy's completed Lesson 4 - Flight Of The Bumblebee:

Kathy did a wonderful job with Lesson 4.  A nice variety of stitches, I see some pretty floral vines, a few extra bumblebees - Kathy are those little ones embroidered?  Kathy did a wonderful job filling the negative space without covering up the entire block.  Notice how your eye moves around the block.  There's a nice flow to this block.  And a lovely combination of colors.

Next, I have Maria's block from Lesson 7 - Proud As A Peacock:

Maria's peacock is gorgeous!  This lesson required that all seams be stitched with the Feather stitch.  Maria has several variations of it on her block.  Notice the cast-on stitch to the left.  Lovely!!!!  I also see the buttonhole stitch used on the leaves of the branch and some pretty yo-yo flowers at the top.  Again, Maria did a wonderful job creating movement.  All the required elements are here and the colors in this block are just beautiful!

Finally, I have Karin's Lesson 7 block:

All I can say is, beautiful!  That peacock is just stunning!  Karin outdid herself on this block.  The feather stitch is used on several seams, the long and short stitch on the peacock's upper body is perfect and the white flowers create a wonderful balance with the white peacock.  I see the ribbon and yarn vines at the top some pretty satin stitched leaves on the branch.  Karin, is that a vintage brooch on the peacock tail?

I have to say, I'm blown away by the beautiful work that is coming from my students.   I'm seeing an awesome amount of creativity added to the requirements for each block.  Excellent execution of the requirements, and very good balance.

Thank you Ladies!  Ya'll did a wonderful job on these blocks!

Lesson 8 will be available soon.  If anyone is interested in taking my Crazy Quilt Color & Composition Classes, you can start anytime.  Feel free to join in the fun!  And be sure to email photos to me of your finished blocks!


Michelle said...

Beautiful and inspiring! Keep up the good work ladies!

Lady Locust said...

Those are just beautiful! You are certainly some talented gals.

Gina E. said...

Without wanting to take credit from your other students, I have to say I just ADORE those peacock blocks!!

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