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Monday, May 06, 2013

Shabby Cottage Roses

I thought you'd like to see one of mom's latest stitched pieces.  This is a hanging pillow with Shabby Cottage Roses:

I believe the embroidery pattern is from my collection of vintage designs.  I share with mom and I know she has some of her own so I'm not entirely sure. 

In other news, we're still looking to adopt a kitten.  We've checked with our vet's office numerous times and they haven't had any kittens come in yet.  We've checked with the various shelters in our area and to be honest, we're not thrilled with some of their policies.  Scott and I both feel that neutering a cat at 2 or 3 months old is just too young.  We understand why they do it and I'm certainly a firm believer in spay/neuter but that just seems too young.  It doesn't look like we'll have a choice though.

My vet's office called this morning and suggested that I check with Animal House Shelter in Huntley Illinois.  It seems that's the shelter they recommend so Scott and I will go there.  I've already filled out the adoption application and a lady called me just a little while ago to say that we've been approved.  So, sometime in the next couple of days, Scott and I will go up there.

It's very hard for me to do this.  Not to adopt a kitten but with so many that need a good home, it's just hard.  And quite frankly, I wouldn't be doing this if Garfield and Simba were still here.  I guess I can't think about adopting another kitty without thinking about them.  But I can't have them back so we have to give a new baby a good home.  I'll keep ya'll posted.

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Gina E. said...

{{{hugs}}} It is heart breaking seeing all the animals at those places. Ken and I sometimes visit the Cat Protection Society of Victoria, which is in the next suburb. Even though we don't go there to adopt another kitty, we just loving have a cuddle of some of the kitties and cats that are waiting to be chosen..

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