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Friday, May 10, 2013

Embroidered Westie Pillow

I sewed up my little Westie Pillow yesterday and added some yo-yo's and vintage mother of pearl buttons:

I used my reproduction vintage fabrics to border and back the pillow and a wide eyelet lace for a ruffle.  I didn't have enough fiberfill to stuff it and I didn't feel like running to WalMart yesterday so I'll pick some up over the weekend and I'll post another photo when it's completely done.

I was asked if I would stitch another one so I'll be tracing the design and stitching it again over the weekend. 


maggie said...

Thanks for posting the finished photo of your Westie pillow.
I love the use of the yo-yo's as well as the ruffle. Very very pretty. You did a great job.

Tamara said...

beautiful and playful rendition of a Westie!

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