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Friday, January 18, 2013

Color and Compostion Classes Lesson 1 Stitched Pieces

I thought for today I would share a few photos of the stitched pieces from my Color and Composition Class.  The theme for lesson 1 is Forget Me Not.  The required colors are pink for the background and blue for the stitching.  A stitched counted cross stitch piece that I designed was also a requirement for this block.

This is Jane's block:

Jane did a great job conveying the forget me not theme.  Her inspiration was the little forget me not flowers as you can see.  She did very well balancing the blue throughout the block and I love how she trimmed out her stitched piece.

This block is Kathleen's block:

Again Kathleen's inspiration was the little forget me not flowers that we see so often in Victorian graphics.  Kathleen did great balancing the block with the blues and using a variety of stitches to create tiny flowers through out the block.  And notice how Kathleen trimmed the stitched piece.  A lovely herringbone stitch all the way around it!  Beautiful!

And this block is from Cris:

Cris has been fighting an eye infection so she isn't as far on her block as she would like to be but I wanted to share it anyway.  I love the fabrics Cris used and I love how she trimmed out her stitched piece.  Cris has a lovely memory of her grandmother that she plans to express through her block.  It's a "think pink" theme since her grandmother died of breast cancer.

Finally, and I've shared this before but here is my block:

For me, the phrase "forget me not" represents my 3 kitties at Rainbow Bridge.  Francis, Garfield and Simba.  If you look closely at the little basket at the top left-hand corner, there are 3 kitties in it.

Lesson 2 will be released on Monday, January 21, 2013.


margaret said...

your students have done some lovely work and thank you for sharing it with those of us who could not join in the classes

Gina E. said...

Hi Pam, belated happy New Year! You have been very busy already, as have your students - their blocks are all different, and so pretty.
I haven't been online much so far this year; Ken's Mum died on NY Eve, and a week later my computer crashed, and is still not fixed. So I'm using Ken's laptop but not every day, as I HATE this keyboard :-(

Anonymous said...

How nice of you to share blocks from some of the students. It's wonderful to see the different ways they've approached it. I hope there will be a chance to see more of Cris' block when her eye infection is healed.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This is great to be able to see all the wonderful work that your students are doing (of course I expected nothing less, because after all they're being taught by you!!).

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