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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stitching On Green

Despite not being home most of the day yesterday, I did manage to finish stitching on my little Mint Green Cat Doll:
And here is a closeup of the seam stitching:

I'll add this photo to my  Crazy Quilt Seam Treatment Inspiration page.

And here is my next little project:

This little green block will be a St. Patrick's Day door pillow.  In case you weren't able to figure that out!  LOL!!!

If my day goes as planned, and I'm not holding my breath, I'll have a sewing machine day today.  I want to piece a few new blocks.  I like having a pile of ready to stitch on blocks just sitting here waiting for pretties!  It feels like it's been forever and day since I've had time to play with my treadle machine!  I also plan on sewing up that little green cat doll so stop back tomorrow to see him!


Laurie said...

You always amaze me Pam! I too need a sewing day, just have to get caught up on some stitching so I can get blocks for myself done. Have fun stitching!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Nice shamrock fabric!

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