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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Irish Lady Pillow Is Ready To Sew

My Crazy Quilt Irish Lady Pillow piece is complete and ready to sew together:

And here are close up photos of the seam stitching:

I also mentioned when I started on this, that I'm going to be experimenting with "fill in" patterns.  Here's a closeup of that:

I have to run to WalMart this morning and pick up a few things.  I may also pop into our new Hobby Lobby and check that out.  When I get back, I'll sew this piece up with some pretty lace.  I'll share a final photo of it soon!


Anonymous said...

I am adoring your work here! Each piece is so beautiful with the extra touch of love..

Susan said...

Thank you for the close-ups! With the new picture thing on Blogger, I usually can't see anything as close up as I'd like, so I loved seeing these smaller seam pictures.

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