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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday Treasures from the Flea Market

Sunday was such a beautiful day here in Northern Illinois!  Sunny and warm. The perfect day for a flea market!

Scott and I picked mom up and drove out to Grayslake Fair Grounds in Lake County for the monthly Flea Market & Antique Show.  Wow!  The theme for this show was "vintage" which is right up my alley!

Mom & I found all sorts of neat little goodies!  These are the "treasures" that I found:

These old hats are covered with vintage millinery flowers!  I love to pick them up and take the flowers off for my crazy quilts and other crafts.  I sat here last night while watching Dancing With The Stars and took them apart.  The cranberry colored hat was commercially made but the pink one and the lavender one were handmade.  You can tell the difference with how the flowers are attached.  With commercial hats, the flowers are glued on.  With handmade hats, the flowers are hand sewn on.  The lavender hat took quite awhile to take apart.  But it was so worth it as all of the little flowers are velvet!

My next treasures are these beautiful vintage lace collars:
I don't see pink vintage collars too often.  I only paid $2.00 for each of these!  I love old lace and will cut these up for my crazy quilts.

I also found a couple of beautiful vintage hankies with gorgeous lace on them:
It a little challenging to get a decent photo of these but the lace is gorgeous!  I like these because the lace is on all 4 corners so I get a lot for my money.  I paid only $2 each for these!

My next treasures are some lace pieces:

Again, it was a little hard to get a good photo of these but the laces are gorgeous!  And a little goes a long way with crazy quilting!
Finally, I found a couple pieces of pretty vintage jewelry:

To use the rose earrings, I will cut the clips off the back with wire cutters and then glue a pre-threaded button to the back with E6000 Jewelry Glue. Then they can easily be sewn onto my project.

So those are my treasures from this past weekend!  I love Flea Market season!  I love the thrill of the hunt!

Be sure to see my article on How To Take Apart An Old Hat!  You can find them at flea markets and antique shops for just a few dollars and you'll get loads of vintage millinery flowers off them!


Mary Ivancicts said...

Great find at the Flea Market! I have a few of my mom's old hankies that she crochet around them.

Christie Cottage said...

You scored big on those hats!


Ruby said...

What great finds from the flea market! I love them all! I find it so hard (impossible) to cut some of my vintage laces. I am constantly torn because I do want to use them on crazy quilting.

fabriquefantastique said...

me the thrill of the chase. I have been photographing lace on a darker ground (a wine colored pillowcase) but don't know if that is the look you want.

MosaicMagpie said...

I too found some old hats recently. When I saw them I thought of you. One is ivory and the other pink. Now I will have to go read that tutorial you did on taking them apart! I have never seen a pink lace collar before.

Kim B said...

You found so many wonderful things and at great prices. Just beautiful! I need to go with you shopping our goodies here are quite expensive. Have a nice evening, Hugs, Kim

Lynn Stevens said...

Wow, what great finds, those hats are to die for, I wish I could find some around here for those prices, they all start at around $18 to $40 each, yikes not in my budget.
Looking forward to yard sale season though!
hugs Lynn

debi said...

What beautiful finds! You'll have fun with all those beauties!

Jojesek said...

How lucky you are to find such bargains. I love to find these things and I really enjoy taking them apart. Is that weird? It gives me more things to organize - my most favorite hobby! We don't have great flea markets here but I am looking forward to garage sale season too.

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