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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Crazy Button Quilt Progress

My Button Quilt is all sewn together now.  I spent yesterday afternoon at my sewing machine.  The quilt came out good and straight and square:
Now if only I could have gotten my photo straight!  LOL!!!  Anyway, I had planned on putting a light blue border around it but I'm reconsidering that.  It's 30 inches square and at this point, I'm not even sure where to hang it as my empty wall space is limited.  I don't have to decide on that right now.  My immediate goal is to get it assembled so I can take it with me for examples when I teach my CQ class in May.

The quilt is quite heavy too!  It has to weigh at least 8 pounds at this point!  Once I get the back on and add the "support buttons" to the back, that will add a little more weight to it.

The blocks are first sewn in vertical strips.  Then I sewed the strips together horizontally onto a heavy muslin foundation.  This will help to support the weight.  I use Allie Aller's "False Back" technque. You can find Allies technique in her new book called, "Allie Aller's Crazy Quilting" available at

Do visit Allie's blog!  You'll love seeing her work!

I'll post another update on the Button Quilt when I get the back on.

For now, I thought you'd like to see the cat doll that I'll be giving away when I reach 400 followers:

I'm pretty close to 400 so please spread the word!


Mary Ivancicts said...

You out do yourself Pam! It's beautiful!

carla ( said...

Your quilt is beautiful and I love the kitty!!! Beautiful!!!! hugs

MosaicMagpie said...

Always a good sign when the quilt is sewn together it is straight and square. 8 pounds!!! It is amazing how that embellishment adds so much weight.

Ruby said...

I was wondering if you'd put a border on it. I think you're right to 'think' about the 'light' blue! I'm sure you'll come up with the right solution. Trying to decide on the 'next' right color has lead to UFO's in MY house. Thanks for sharing the update. Makes me want to get out the button box!

Allison Ann Aller said...

The quilt looks beautiful, Pam! That false back idea is such a good one, but I want to make sure your readers know that I learned it from Annie Whitsed of Canberra, Australia. I'll be forever indebted to her.
Her blog is here:

Kim B said...

I just love the button CQ!! It is a very heavy quilt though :) Cute CQ Cat too:) I hope you are having a happy weekend. Sunny today here....
Hugs, Kim

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your quilt is so pretty Pam - wish I could see it in person because I'm willing to bet that pictures don't do it justice. It will be a great inspiration for your students to see in your class!

Anonymous said...

I love your crazy quilt Pam and congrats on your teaching in May hope your feeling better now that the nice weather will be starting soon.

LuLu Kellogg said...

You have been a busy bee!! I am back from CA and now trying to catch up on what I have missed with all you girls since I have been gone!


FredaB said...

Hi Pam

I hope you are feeling better this week. That flea market fun is just what you need. It is hard to explain to others the feeling you get when you find things that are precious to us cqers.

I had not seen that picture of Allie and the little bird but must tell you I went to CT. last weekend and one of the highlights was seeing Allie again and taking one of her flower classes. Maybe we can get her to Illinois sometime and all get together.

Stay well and say hi to your Mom.



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