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Monday, May 10, 2010

Vintage Handkerchiefs Flea Market Finds

Yesterday, Scott & I picked mom up and we headed to Grayslake, Illinois Fairgrounds for the Flea Market & Antique Show.   Oh, do I love going there!!!  We had a good time but didn't find anything all that grand.  I picked up a few more vintage handkerchiefs, some more vintage pink buttons and a little bag of plastic fans:

Vintage Handkerchiefs

I'm planning on making myself a Marie Antoinette Art Quilt.  I saw the fans and thought, "oooh!  How perfect those will be!"

And pink buttons, well, I will adopt any vintage pink buttons that need good homes!  I have a weakness.  Kind like with cats & dogs.  I just love them!

This hankie reminded me of my husband's grandma:

Pansy Hankie

Grandma Kellogg loved pansies!  She talked about them all the time.  The minute I saw this one, I thought of her and had to have it.

So those are my Flea Market Treasures for this week.  Our all time ever favorite Flea Market is this coming Sunday in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  I cannot wait!  I find the best stuff there for the best prices!  And it's huge.  Hope I have the energy to walk the entire show. 

In other news, I spent the morning finishing up on my 2 latest Art Quilts.  First is Spring Song:

Spring Song Art Quilt

When Scott gets home, I need him to trim that branch down for me on the left side.  My hand isn't strong enough get through it with yard cutters. 

I also finished up on Teatime Kittens:

Teatime Kittens Art Quilt

All that's left to do on this is make the quilt tag.  I'd like to do that today but I'm out of steam.

I know my medication is too high now.  I've asked my Dr. 2 times now if we can drop the dosage a little bit.  And I was told no.  So, I have an appt. with a new Dr. in 2 weeks.  She's been highly recommended by several people.  I talked to her this morning and I can already tell that I like her a lot and will be comfortable with her.

Well, that's my new for today.  More tomorrow!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love the little cupcake on Teatime Kittens - of course kittens have to have cupcakes with their tea! And cream too.
Glad to hear you are switching doctors - sometimes that's what's needed to get the right fit, both in personality and in being on the same page with medications. Keeping fingers crossed for you!

Cathy K said...

Hi Pam! I love your Teatime Kittens - it's just darling! Hmmm.... as a coffee drinker, I may have to search my vintage images so I can do a Coffee-clatch Cats, LOL. Good for you about seeing another doctor. You know your body better than anyone, and if you feel your dosage is too high, the doctor should be listening. No time for Nazi Doctors, lol..... Good luck and keep us posted. BTW, I think for once I may have had better estate/yard sale hunting than you this past weekend. I'll be posting my finds tomorrow. Hugs, Cathy

Judy S. said...

You found some great hankies, Pam. Elkhorn, eh? I spent several summers near there counseling at the Chicago GS camp a long time ago..... Glad you've found a nice doc; it's important to feel comfortable and that they listen.

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