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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stitching The Day Away!

I've pretty much been playing all day.  Other than doing laundry and running to the Post Office, I've been stitching on my Crazy Garden Quilt:

The yellow on the lace at the top looks a little bright in the scan.  It's really not that bright.  It's much softer and will look softer yet when I bead and sequin it.

My other project for today are some little beaded lace applique pins.  I have one more to stitch and I'll share a photo soon.  Very pretty and quite enjoyable to do!  I may have to make a few more.

I guess that's the news for today.  They're calling for snow again tomorrow.  Geez louise!  Is Spring ever going to show up?  I really want to go to WalMart and I'm on the look out for Robin's!


Anonymous said...

Simply Gorgeous!!!! I love the lower middle/left hand side filled with flowers. Your blocks are so beautiful. I am so excited to see them all done and put together!!! What a site to see that will be:)

Yes I would like spring to come sooner instead of this heavy snow. At least I have your pretty blocks to look at!

Ann Flowers

Magpie's Mumblings said...

We got more snow yesterday so it's a real treat to look at some spring in your block. We don't have nearly as much snow as we've had some other years, but even a skiff is too much for moi!

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