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Monday, February 01, 2010

Cookies, Valentine's And Biscornu's

It's an interesting combination of topics, don't you think? 

I baked 2 batches of cookies yesterday morning:


Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookies and Chocolate Orange Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookies.  I took some to my parent's house yesterday for my dad's birthday.  And whenever I bake, I fix up a couple of little bags for the 2 little kids across the street. 

These are not my Valentine cookies.  I won't start on those until the weekend.  Just a little treat with red & pink sprinkles!

And speaking of Valentine's, I only made one Valentine Card this year:

Valentine Card

I'm not into cards so much anymore.  I guess I discovered some other interesting things to put glitter on!  Ha, ha, ha!  You know me, all that glitters is gold!

Anyway, I worked up my Biscornu Of Month for February:

Biscornu Of The Month February

and that is now available here.

I'm out of steam for today.  I started a Marie Antoinette box but I don't have the energy to work on it at the moment.  I think I'll go stitch and listen to Food Channel.  I didn't do all that much today.  I made some soup and did some paperwork and laundry.  That's it.  Some days are better than others I guess.


Froggy said...

Oh my, those cookies do look good! Well done!

Love the card too.

Happy birthday to your dad!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm glad I don't live close to you or I'd be more rotund than I am, because I know I'd have to be an official taste tester for your cookies. We don't make them anymore, simply because I'd eat too many.
Your new pattern looks lovely too!

Cathy K said...

Ya know, "biscornu" sounds like a cookie. Perhaps you could combine your efforts, hehehehe! ;-0 Hugs, Cathywiththeaddledbrain

FredaB said...

Pam we all have those kinds of days but you are just more aware of them because of the problems you had. Some days I get up then it is lunch, then dinner and on the computer and it is time for bed and I think where did the day go and I did nothing.

So hang in there hon as you are not alone. You do far more then a lot of people.



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