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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Button Block #22 Complete

I finished up on this block the other day:

Button Block 22

Be sure to click on the image so you can see that Bird Of Paradise button up close. It's really pretty! I found it on Ebay.

Thanks to everyone who commented about my book. As soon as I have a few free hours, I'll move it over to a Print On Demand service. That's probably what I should have done with it in the first place but I didn't know much about those services then and I'm no computer whiz! I'd much rather be stitching than sitting here researching things. Anyway, when I have things ready, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, Sharon B. has posted the Take It Further Challenge concept for May along with the color palette. And she graciously accommodated my request for some pink! I'll talk more about my theme in the next couple of days. I'm planning on sewing up my block either on Monday or Tuesday. For those of you who enjoy using the DMC Floss Color matchups, here they are:

TIFC May Palette

I'm off to bake some cookies for my dad.


Judy S. said...

That IS a pretty button and a very nice block, Pam. I like the gold flowers, too. Did you create them? Your seam treatments are always beautiful!

northonster said...

Pam,Thank you for the letter D: M_C in the palette of Sharon, I regret please see the tone cake BABY BLUE (211) and 211 in the letter D: M: C: Rose-is in the triad of lilacs.
answer me please.
Thank you for the information

Tenar said...

Thank you so much for doing this DMC thread matching to the palette every month, Pamela. This is a great help and a true service for the community.

northonster said...

Pam, thank you for the information the palette...

Kathy said...

Looking at this makes me feel pretty!

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