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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Button Block #21 Complete

I finished up the peacock button block:

Button Block 21

I think I did justice to the beautiful peacock that Allie sent to me!

I then started on this block:

Button Block 22

I have a beautiful green glass Bird Of Paradise button for this block that I bought on Ebay 2 weeks ago. Yes, I know the point of this project was to use the buttons that I have here and not be buying more but I couldn't help myself! I have a cat button that I bought on Ebay too! Nothing wrong with a few special buttons on this quilt!

In other news, in regards to my "Elegant Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments" book, I've been considering moving it to a "Print On Demand" service. I'm wondering if it's just too much of a pain for stitchers to have to print it up themselves. It's not something that bothers me but I'm wondering if I have readers who would prefer to receive a hard copy in the mail? If anyone would, could you please leave me a comment and let me know?

I'd still like to offer a second volume of border designs (the borders are already to go) and I could do both at one time.

Please let me know your thoughts everyone! Thanks!!!


patternnuts said...

well with the cost of paper, ink and time I'd say hardcopy, as long as the price didn't go up from where it is now.

Judy S. said...

Hi Pam,

I love the stitching on this block and the way you used beads on top of the buttons and to highlight the lace. I especially like the seam that looks like little peapods.

As for your books, I agree with "patternnuts". The thought of printing so many pages has kept me from ordering.

Cathy K said...

Pam, I do want to get your book, but have been putting it off because of the printing issue.... I would prefer to get a hard copy, but either way I will purchase one. Meanwhile, I love your blog and your button blocks. And I laughed when I found an old crosstitch magazine from ten years ago that had one of your patterns in it! You go girl!!

AngelDoll said...

YES...I agree strongly. I purchased the ebook but it cost me approximately ten dollars 9estimate) or more to print out only partially. I am absolutely LOVING Pam's stitches from her book though and will post the four or five that I have stitched this week...I have modified some of the designs slightly partly because I cut my waste canvas too narrow for one of the designs. Stitching these seams is just so addictive...not much else gets done.

AmyS said...

I'll chime in with the rest. I have felt that the added expense of printing out the book made it too steep for me. If I could order a printed version, I would feel better about spending the money. Of course, I have the added issue of the expense of international shipping, but still...

~Julie~ said...

Oh Pam!!! That is just gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful---stunning! =)I really like looking at all the goodies you keep creating. There are always pieces of eye candy on your blog. LOL

You know I'm 100% a stitcher--that is all I do aside from crocheting the occasional dishrag. LOL However----I just can't keep from peeking at your quilting...I think it is fantastic. =)


0senapt said...

I'll chime in that I prefer to print it out myself as I have done with the first book. I can then print out what seam treatments I need as I need them. Please offer the option of a download for the second volume.

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