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Sunday, February 03, 2008


I've often admired bloggers who are really good at taking photographs. Not just any photos but the type of photos that have an artistic flair. The kind of pictures found in the Somerset Studio magazines:


I have to admit, although I love to look a pretty images in magazines and on blogs, I never really did understand the use of "words" in this type of artwork. What is up with that? Is the subject matter of the created work not enough? Does a single word really emphasize the feelings & thoughts of the creator? Does one single word really take the created piece to some higher level of comprehension & understanding?

For me, words get in the way. You may have noticed that there are times when I will post a photo of my stitching and since I feel that my work speaks for itself, I can't find much to talk about in regards to it. So I keep my post short and sweet.

On the other hand, there are times when I just can't stop typing!!! And I'm sure there are times, when my dear husband, after 1/2 an hour of listening me ramble on and on, probably feels the need to run shouting & screaming into the woods!

While looking through these new magazines this morning, I pondered the use of words. I thought about my love of Classical music and the reason I like it. There are no words. And yet Mozart speaks to me on a level that I could never describe in words.

I have a terrible time picking out greeting cards at the Hallmark store. Most Birthday cards and Greeting cards are just too wordy. Mushy poems and overly sweet sentiments kind of gag me. Why don't they all just simply say, "Happy Birthday"? or "I'm Thinking Of You"? That's why I've been making my own greeting cards.

For the most part, I'm a quiet person. I keep to myself, I think a lot and I create things, without the use of words. Words are quite inadequate to truly express ourselves.

I will leave you with my attempt at a creative photo, and trust me, there are no words to describe it. Perhaps this one could use a word:



Cherry said...

Hi Pam, Your words and pictures are always inspirational to me. Thanks. I've been offline for several months and am glad to get back. I've lost my email address list but the first favorite I marked on my new computer was Kitty and Me. the only change in my email is q instead of Cherry

Susan said...

Our feelings on this are similar. A picture is worth a 1000 words. Or else let me just write a 1000 words. =)

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