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Thursday, July 05, 2007

An Interesting Discovery

Scott and I went over to my parents house for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Mom hadn't seen my Crazy Quilt book yet, nor had she seen my little crazy quilt that I bought at the flea market two weeks so I took those with me.

While looking at the quilts in my book, we discovered that this little embroidered frog on my quilt:

Frog 1

is the same exact frog as on this quilt in my book:

Frog 2

They're reversed, but it's the same pattern. Was I at all surprised with this discovery? No. Embroidery patterns in the Victorian days were mass produced and "shared" almost as much as they are now. I just thought it was kind of cool!


Sue in western WA said...

That is, indeed, a fascinating discovery! Very cool!

loulee1 said...

Someone once told me that frogs are supposed to bring prosperity. Are there similar superstitions attached to other quilt embellisments?
I'm glad you're enjoying your book.

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