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Friday, July 06, 2007

Ebay Treasures & Spiderwebs

Last night, I was wondering what I would blog about today since again, I didn't stitch. Yes Sue, I do think the world is coming to an end! I haven't stitched since Sunday. What's up with that? Honestly, I've had a couple of very large design projects with tight deadlines and I'm pushing myself to get them done. I won't miss the "I need it yesterday" stuff when I retire!

Anyway, my husband came in with the mail and I suddenly had some cool "show & tell" for you today!

I found these pretty little machine embroidered bird mats on Ebay over the weekend:

Bird Mats

I'm sure ya'll know what I plan to do with these! Yep, they were just screaming at to me to be the focal points on crazy quilts. Aren't they pretty? I'm not sure if I'll put them all together in one quilt or if I'll use them individually. I do wish I could stitch my projects as fast as I can collect stash! I'm sure I'll get to these someday. In the meantime, I'll enjoy having them and planning out my projects.

I think I was attracted to these because of my Crazy Quilt book. They must remind me of something in there. Looking at the all the old Victorian quilts, I do see a certain "oriental" flair in many of them. Until now, I never believed that crazy quilting was the result of Oriental Crazed Pottery. Now, it does seem a little more possible although I'm still a bit skeptical.

On another note, Angela asked me the other day how I do my spiderwebs and if I couch them:

Antique Crazy Quilt Embellishment 3

Yes, they are couched on. I don't use a pattern, I just freehand them. First I do the long threads starting in the center and then I go around and around and do the connecting threads. Once the entire web is done, I go back around and couch everything down.

Does anyone else have any questions for me? I'll be happy to answer them. Just leave a message in the comments section.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Dang, those bird mats are spectacular. What search words do you use on ebay, or is that classified? ;-)

Charlene said...

Those mats are so beautiful. What size are they?

Sue in western WA said...

Were those bird mats one-off or do you think there might be more of them? I'm with Allie: how do you find such cool stuff on ebay?

patternnuts said...

Thank you for answering me. :) I may have to give it a shot on some scrap fabric first.

Susan said...

Oh, wow. Those bird mats are fabulous. I can't decide which one I like the best, or how I'd use them, either. But just to own them must be a delight.

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