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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blue Santa Ornament - Stitching Complete!

I finished up this little ornament yesterday afternoon:

Blue Santa Ornament

This one is already spoken for so I'll get it sewn up as soon as I get back from vacation.

And speaking of vacation, we'll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning for Kentucky. We're going to the Streetrod Nationals in Louisville. So this will be my last post until Tuesday the 7th.

And guess what? I'm going to get to meet Karen South! As you know if you read Karen's blog, she lives in Louisville. I ordered some fabric packs from Karen last week and mentioned to her that we would be in her neck of the woods and she offered to take me to a big fabric warehouse store and a bead store! Oh, and she asked if I would like to see the antique crazy quilt at the Louisville airport! How cool is that? So Thursday is my fun shopping day with Karen.

We'll be at the fairgrounds for the car show all day on Friday and then on Saturday, Scott and I are going to visit Bardstown which is just south of Louisville. Bardstown is a pretty little historical town with buildings dating to the 1700's if I remember correctly. They have lots of little shops and ya'll know I love looking in little shops!

We'll spend Sunday morning back at the car show and then head home around noon. I'll need Monday to get my brains back in my head! I just get so "all over the map" right before and right after a trip. We'll have to get groceries and do laundry and all that stuff so I'll be back to posting on Tuesday.

Until then everyone, have a great week!


loulee1 said...

Santa looks great Pam.
Enjoy your trip, take lots of photos please, especially that antique quilt.

Susan said...

I love Santa. Of course he's spoken for! =)

Have a great trip. You are so lucky to meet Karen and have a shopping day with her! I know you will find some absolutely fabulous things to bring home there, and in the little town on Saturday. I can hardly wait to see the goodies.

Pat Winter said...

Lucky you and lucky Karen getting to meet. It has been a fun Summer for me to meet three crazy quilter's. Some day we must meet,especially since we live so close in neighboring states. Shame on us!!!! Have a wonderful time, I know you will.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Your Santa is deliciously do you do that, in the middle of summer? ;-)
Have fun and give my warmest greetings to Karen!

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