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Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Bit Of Stitching

Ok, so the world isn't coming to an end after all! I stitched for a little while last night while watching my Cubbies lose!

Breast Cancer Awareness Purse

I'm feeling like I've been working on this for all eternity! It isn't as bright looking as it appears here. It's much softer in tone. I used the scanner today because my husband needed the camera.

Charlene asked me how big my oriental bird mats were. The oblong ones are about 11 X 8 and the square one is 10 inches square.

Allison asked me what "search words" I used to find these on Ebay. Honestly, I didn't use any search words. Sometimes, I look at Ebay for a few minutes while I eat lunch. I was just looking around in "Linens & Textiles" and I found these.

Speaking of Linens & Textiles, we're heading out to a flea market early tomorrow morning. It has to be early because it's supposed to be 95 degrees here tomorrow and I can only tolerate the heat for so long! Anyway, I may be late in posting but hopefully, I'll have some little goodies to share with you. Like I said yesterday, if I could only use my stash as fast as I can buy it!

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Susan said... Drat! My comment just disappeared! Okay, trying again. This friend also found some of those bird things - half-way across the world in a thrift store! I couldn't believe it when I read her blog last night.

Pink Lady is home from her rr travels and I just blogged her, if you want to see how she turned out.

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