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Monday, May 07, 2007

Button Flowers

I apologize for not posting yesterday. My in-laws were here for the weekend so we were out the door early yesterday morning and didn't get back until late afternoon. Then Scott and I went out again to pick up a few things from town.

Anyway, I finished the beading on my Button Flowers project:

Button Flowers

First, I cut a piece of denim from my pile of old jeans and then added a piece of flat lace to top of that, tacking it down along the edges. I then cut out my stitched piece leaving a 1/4 inch extra and hand appliquéd that down using the needle-turn technique.

Once that was done, I cut a small opening in the back, through the denim and the lace, stuffed a bit of poly fiberfill in there and whip stitched the opening closed. This really added alot of dimension to it!

After that, I sewed on a piece of gold sequin trim and then little by little, added flower beads and leaves.

Finally, I added some gold bugle beads and the butterfly charm.

My intention at the moment is to make this into a cellphone pouch. That of course can change depending on what other inspiration comes to me between now and getting in some finishing time on my sewing machine.

For now, I have design work to do. A lot of it! But stop by tomorrow because I desperately need to stitch. So The Mozart Journey will begin later today!

If you're interested in trying the needle-turn method of appliqué, but have no clue on what to do, you can find good directions here.


JK said...

I have never seen anything like this, and it is gorgeous! I wonder how big it is? 3mm? Beautiful, simply beautiful!

shanna said...

I love the idea of using old denim for the background to this piece. Your crazy quilting is such an inspiration to me. I am just getting started in this media. I am working on making felt cupcakes and making one crazy quilt style! please visit with me @ I have been sharing your beautiful work with my friends and facebook companions. I just love what you do!

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