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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Key To My Heart1
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Apparently, Ebay is not the place for these. Neither my Red Hat quilt, nor my peacock quilt got so much as a single bid.

Oh well, I think instead of relisting them at Ebay, I'll just put my quilts in my Etsy shop. Did I mention how disappointed I am?

I've gone ahead and posted this quilt in my shop and then tomorrow I'll list another one.

Not much stitching to share at the moment. At least nothing that I can share. Am working on a magazine project. As I mentioned earlier this week, the new Zweigart magazine will be featuring one of my crazyquilts. It's almost complete and then I'll get back to the Strawberry Fields quilt as well as the Basket Kitten doorknockers.


Chloe said...

What a let-down. Beause they are so lovely.

I still think it is because people are not ready yet to see us as art - and this is such a wonderful chance to obtain a piece of your work.

Please don't give up!

Laren said...


Don't take it to heart. Ebay is all about timing. Some weeks stuff sells like hot cakes, other weeks, you don't get a bid.

For quilting type stuff, perhaps a bit more advertising on email lists, etc might get a few more bids?


Ribbonwiz said...

I can't understand why they didn't sell...they are so lovely!
My Cq that was judged recently had a comment that it could "benefit with some quiet spaces"
I don't think cq is appreciated for all the work that goes into it...just my opinion..

Gina E. said...

From my experience with eBay, it is largely people looking for bargains, rather than a retail outlet, although I am aware that many businesses use it as such. I think your work is too 'up-market' to be listed in online auctions. Don't take that the wrong way! In other words, I am saying that your work comes under a more specialised field, and the people that would be interested in it probably wouldn't look on eBay. There must be other avenues on the net where your work can be exposed to the right kind of buyer, ie those who are genuinely keen on buying top quality craft items.

Anonymous said...

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