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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

When Is A Block Done?

I was asked "how do I know when a block is done?". And it's funny that this question came up because I was thinking of posting about it.

When is a block done? Well, it's kind of a "feeling". After working on a block for so long, I'm sort of "connected" to it. I've noticed that after awhile, a block usually tells me what it needs. I'll be stitching along and suddenly I'll think of something in my stash that would look good on it. Something that I forgot I had. So I pull it out and try it and yes, it usually works great!

And as with stitching on it, it seems to tell me when it's done as well. I'll look at it and it'll appear to be balanced perfectly or there won't be room for anything else without it looking overdone.

The challenge for me is to balance it without completely covering up my fancy fabrics. That's not to say that I'm not attracted to extremely encrusted CQ blocks. I've seen some absolutely breathtaking blocks, almost completely covered with embroidery, SRE and beads and buttons and I love them! For me, the brocades that I use are just so beautiful, I don't want to cover them up with embellishments so I do try to use some plainer fabrics along with the fancy ones on the blocks. Things that I don't mind covering with embellishments.

It's really a "knowing". You get a "feel" for it. You'll just know when enough is enough.

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Chloe said...

Good Question.

For me a block is usually finished when I have a deadline. Otherwise I will keep going on it for ever. And Ever. As long as I can fit something more on it.

If I am working to a deadline, or trying to get a UFO finished, firstly, for me it has to have stitching of some sort on every seam.

Then is has to have some form of embellishment (which may include stitching)on large blank areas. These might be used to highlight really nice fabrics.

And it must let the eye roam from place to place, without stopping.

But maybe I can fit another tiny charm on there.......

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