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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Speaking Of Aprons!

A few years after Scott and I got married, back when I still made an effort to actually cook interesting meals, my mother made me a set of aprons, one for each month of the year. My sister had just gotten married too so mom made us both a set.

Well, I thought they were so pretty, too pretty to use, so I decided to save them for awhile. I think she made them for us for Christmas 1990. Yikes! Up until now, I was still saving them. Well, with the current apron craze going on, I am now using them! I pulled them all out the other day and I photographed them to share with you. Remember, my photography is far from good!

Except for the cross-stitched ones, mom designed the patterns herself. Here they are:

January - the drink is cross-stitch and the streamers are ribbons that she couched down with the sewing machine.


February - the heart is eyelet fabric that mom appliqued.


March - the traditional Irish verse is counted cross stitch.


April - this one is my favorite! The easter egg is done with strips of fabric pieced to a foundation.
Sorry the photo is a little blurry. It looked fine on the 1 inch camera screen! The flowers are little lace appliques and the grass is embroidered by hand.


May - The flowers are appliqued by machine and flower centers are buttons.


June - This one is fun! The strawberry is velour I think. It's fuzzy! I think mom had to hand applique that down.


The months are embroidered on all of them by hand. I folded the corners over on each one so you could see what mom put on the back. I didn't press any of them because most are kept folded in a drawer. I just thought you'd all enjoy seeing them.

I have to get some work done for now but I'll post more a little later.


kay susan said...

How lovely. What a super idea for a gift! You should put January up in Pink Lemonade!

Pam Kellogg said...

Thanks Kay Susan! I'm actually thinking of doing months apron. I loved doing my vintage style apron and I'm itching to do another one. Like I need something else to do but geez, it was such fun!

Maggie Ann said...

I've enjoyed seeing your apron collection. How nice and cheerful to have one for each month. I'd like to make one with embroidery on it too. Thanks for the inspiration. I just bought an 'old-fashioned' transfer pattern at Walmart. Under a dollar and I think its an 'Aunt Martha' pattern. I was impressed with the vintage look of a basket of roses on the transfers.

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