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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Creative Finishing

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Many cross stitchers are not ready or willing to move beyond the grid. Some stitchers simply enjoy stitching from a chart and just don't care to try anything else and that's understandable. Cross stitch is easy to do and easy to take along and goodness knows there are so many wonderful charts available these days!

So how does one add their own personal touch of creativity to counted cross stitch? Through the finishing of course!

This is my Smokey Joe Mystery Stitch-Along project. I offered this stitch-along to my cross stitch followers earlier this year. I wanted to share this photo with you because I love how Janet and her husband finished it.

Janet's husband stitched this piece. I thought the addition of the silk ivy & floral garland along with the butterfly was a perfect example of creative finishing! It goes to show that anything can be embellished!

I'd like to thank Janet for not only sharing her photo with me, but also for graciously allowing me to share this photo with my readers. Thank you Janet!

1 comment:

Michele said...

I just LOVE the way they finished that...your smokey looks ALOT like my Stoner(we didn't name him, comes from an incident with a catnip plant).He is 21 and still plodding along. I will probably put his name and dates in it also. Michele

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