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Friday, March 24, 2017

Never Ending Sampler Stitch-Along Panel 2 Band 2

Today, I have Band 2 of Panel 2 for the Never Ending Sampler Stitch-Along.  If you're new to this sampler, please click the link above to learn more about it. 

Here is the Panel 2 so far:

And here is Band 2:

This band consists of multiple stitches including the Feather Stitch, Cross Stitches, Straight Stitches and French Knots.

If you need help with the Feather stitch, please visit Sharon B's Stitch Dictionary.

When working the Feather Stitch on this band, you will want to start from the outside and work your way towards the center of the design.  You'll have to do this on both sides of the band.

If you've never worked the the Feather stitch, it may look intimidating but it really is an easy stitch once you get the idea of it.  It's one of those stitches where you have to "catch" your thread as you go along.

Feel free to add your own special touch to this border.  Use beads instead of french knots if you want to.  Use multiple colors or work in just one color.  This is YOUR sampler so give it a try and enjoy!!!

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