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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stop And Smell The Roses

Stop and smell the roses!  Isn't that what this purse reminds you of?

I finished up this crazy quilt piece this morning.  I love the vintage image and tried to pull the colors from that.  I'll get this sewn up as soon as I can.

My next project will be this purse:

I thought a pretty seascape piece would be nice for Summer.  I haven't had time to sew up any new blocks lately so I pulled this one from my stash.  I always keep a few pre-sewn blocks tucked in a drawer in case I can't seem to get a sewing day in.  I do my stitching early in the morning and then again late in the afternoon and evening.

I'm also in the process of rearranging my bead stash.  Basically just trying to neaten things up a bit.  After doing a few projects, my stash tends to get messy so I try to take the time once in a while to straighten everything up.

In other news, my sister gave me a few new things to add to my Etsy shop.  These are those fun and very cool Jewelry Scarf Necklaces:

I asked her if she could do more when she has time.  I think they're really pretty and fun!  And of course, I asked for some pastel colors.  You know me and my pastels!

Finally for today, here is a new photo of mom:

Mom's birthday was Saturday so this was taken over the weekend at Kathi's house.  She's holding one of my nieces dogs.

1 comment:

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think this is the first time I've seen a picture of your Mom...she looks lovely and so happy (say hi to her for me!). Oh, and when you're done your cleaning up, wanna come and do the same at my house??

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