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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Must See CQ Embellishments

I'm still bouncing off the walls here.  I've got a notebook started with my plans for my first issue of Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine.  I have loads of great ideas already!  And I certainly welcome any and all suggestions so please send them my way!

I've been stitching on a cat doll but didn't get too far on it yet so I'll wait on photos of that.

For now, I'm going to send you over to Kathy Shaw's blog.  She's offering an online Crazy Quilt Class for beginners which would be perfect for anyone who as never done CQ.

Also, Kathy has posted the cutest little Cabochon Turtle embellishments!

There is a link for where you can purchase these!!  I may have to get one or two.  I love them!!!!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Must admit I'm coveting those turtles too! I had a brooch back in the early 70's and have lost it over the years...these little guys reminded me of it.

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Oh Pam I'm bouncing off the walls with excitement for you too!!!!! You are the PERFECT person for this! Iyour email addy isn't on my iPad for some reason and can't wait any longer to tell you how incredibly happy I am for you!!!! Pat gives the magazine a heart and YOU are one of the few I know will do that as well!!! I believe this will usher a new phase in your life full of light...any darkness behind :) anything I can ever do I'm here!

doni palmgren said...

I just read the news that you will be the new editor/owner of CQ Gatherings. I am thrilled to hear it will be in such capable hands. Congratulations.

Gina E. said...

Aww, those turtles are very cute! And congratulations on your new role!

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