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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sewing, Sewing and More Sewing

I usually wait until I have a few things that need finishing and then I sew up a storm to get them done.  Today, I sewed up the Peacock purse that I made last week:

And I sewed together the cellphone pouches that made a few weeks back:

I still have the hand finishing to do on all of these but I have a full schedule tomorrow so I doubt I'll get that until Thursday.  I'll have more photos when these are completely done.

In the meantime, I thought you might like to see my Halloween Centerpiece:

I know, I'm a bad kitty mom!  I've tried to teach my cats to stay off my table but I just haven't had any luck since our first cat Garfield.  He never got on the table!  But every one I've had since thinks my dining room table is a perch.  And I just don't have the heart to swoop them off.  If you ever come over for tea and cookies, please know that I'm a constant cleaner!!!


ARLENE said...

Only someone else who's owned by cats understands this. I have a runner with two candlesticks on my dining room table and it's always been a favorite perch for my fur babies. I had one kitty who used to curl up in a basket I kept on the kitchen table. I was visiting a friend today and she turned her faucet on so one of her cats could drink the water. By the way, she has a perfectly functional kitty fountain. In another vein, I aspire to your gorgeous embellishing.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Pretty decent center piece if you ask me! For some reason all of our cats never made the effort to get onto the table or onto the kitchen counters. Don't know how/why they learned, but I wonder if the older cat taught the younger one each time.

Anonymous said...

Ah, they look cute there; how could anyone have the heart to shoo them off? Cris in MT

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