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Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Beautiful Crazy Quilt

I've been doing the hand finishing on a few of my recent projects but feel like I'm in slow motion.  I can't seem to complete anything!  Thankfully, Karin, one of my students from my recent Color and Composition Crazy Quilt Class sent me photos of not only her Lesson 9 block but also, her completed quilt. 

What a treat!  Karin's quilt is gorgeous!  But first, here's her lesson 9 block:

The required elements are all here.  Isn't this stunning?  But here's the real treat:

Isn't this beautiful?  What a lovely quilt!  Thank you Karin, not only for taking my class but for sending me the photos of your exquisite work to share here on my blog.

I still feel bad that I had to cancel the class but many of my students had things come up that interfered with them being able to work on this project.  I hope everyone who worked on the blocks enjoyed them.


Michelle said...

I am going to miss seeing the blocks as they were completed. It was nice seeing them and how they were embellished. Karin's block and quilt are a thing of beauty. Well done! At least we still have your beautiful pieces Pam to admire!

Anonymous said...

Karin, wat heb je een prachtig block van les 9 gemaakt. Echt schitterend.
Ik vind je hele quilt erg mooi geworden.
Ik ben nog niet klaar met les 9, nog even geduld.
Vriendelijke groeten, Maria

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Karin has done a wonderful job - every one of the blocks flow so well together. I love the little owl perched in the tree on this block!

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