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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Pretty In Pink Mixed Media Art Quilt

I have a few finishes to share today.  I spent most of the day on Sunday running my sewing and doing the hand finishing on these projects.

First, my Pretty In Pink Mixed Media Art Quilt:

Pretty In Pink Art Quilt

I love this!!!  I used one of my great-aunt's knitting needles as a hanger.  The tassel was given to me by my friend Cherry Petersen and it just so happened that I had some of that yarn in my own stash so I zig-zagged it around the outside edge of the quilt.  A nice finishing touch!  I signed and dated the back of the quilt as well.

I really love mixing fabric and paper and glitter and embroidery and just about anything I have laying around in my stash.  I'm certainly planning on doing a number of these and I have started on my Spring Song quilt but I'll save that photo for tomorrow.

The next time I put a couple of art quilts together, I'll write up a tutorial on how I do them.  Stay tuned for that.

Next, I finished up on my 2 newest Crazy Quilt Hanging Pillows:

Crazy Quilt Hanging Pillows

Although I love both of these, the green and pink one is my favorite!  Ya'll know I just love pink!

Last but not least are my Sweet Dreams Lavender Sachet Hearts:

Sweet Dreams Sachets

Cottage Style Crazy Quilting!!!  If anyone has trouble sleeping like I do, a lavender sachet hanging on the bedpost does help to quiet the mind.  Trust me, I know!  Anyways, I made several of these and had a good time filling them with lavender.  The scent is just so soothing!

So those are my finishes for today as far as needlework goes.  I have some pretty Trash To Treasure finishes to share tomorrow.  And we have a big flea market on Sunday in Grayslake, Il. so there should be some great flea market finds next week.

As for my next projects, definitely more art quilts.  It's my latest thing!  I'm also working on a few little Marie Antoinette brooches and in the craft department, Mom and I have both started on a few July 4th do-dads!  FUN!!!

If you'd like to see more photos of my finishes or larger images, please click here.

So that's my post for today.  I have some laundry to fold (what else is new?) and then I think I'll switch to my laptop in the Living Room and see what everyone else is blogging about!

Have a great evening everyone!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Really love those hearts, well all of your work. Thankyou for sharing it with us.

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