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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mixed Media Art Quilts

I am so into these Art Quilts!  How freeing they are!!!  I spent yesterday sewing up a few ground pieces to stitch and glue and glitter and do whatever else I come up with to!  There's just no limit to what you can put on them.  If it can sewed, glued or wired on, by all means, have a ball!

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm working on an Art Quilt 101 tutorial which I expect to start posting next week.  It will be just one way of doing them.  A simple (get started) tutorial.  Gather your do-dads and fabrics and threads and whatever and get ready to have fun with that!

In the meantime, I just added Spring Song & Teatime Kittens to my Etsy shop:

Spring Song Art Quilt

Teatime Kittens Art Quilt

They are signed and dated on the back and the quilt tags are removable.  I've just pinned them on using a hatpin!  It's so much fun to use unexpected things on these!

Early this morning, I started on this quilt, An Edwardian Lady:

Edwardian Lady Art Quilt

Isn't she pretty?  I've used this image several times.  I just think she has the prettiest face!  Anyway, I just finished dying that vintage glove.  It was white but way too stark for this project so I dyed it with Rit Dye.  I don't use tea or coffee to dye anything!  Both have acid in them which as we all know, is not good for fabric or paper or old lace and so on.  Just use Rit dye.  It's available at WalMart in a zillion different colors!

I'll be heading out to play with this quilt a bit more before I have to make dinner.  I also picked up the new Bliss Victoria magazine and the new Jewelry Affair magazine by Somerset Studio.  I think I'll sit in my tub later and enjoy paging through those lovely books!

QUICK EDIT:  Because my brain is still not functioning normally!  If you want to try working with my Art Quilt tutorial next week, you'll need some tulle or netting.  Any light color that you like but not white.

Also, I've noticed that I have readers in all different parts of the world so I added the Google Translater to my sidebar.  I also know that many people use an RSS Feed.  I don't but if you like to use a feed, I've added that to my sidebar as well.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's so nice of you to do a little workshop in how you make these Pam. Wish I had the time right now to play along, but I'll hopefully get to it a little later when things here settle down. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy reading about it!

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