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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Glittered Fabric Leaves Tutorial

Good Morning Everyone!  Breakfast?

Breakfast Anyone?

I made these for my dad the other day.  Devils Food Cupcakes!  YUM!

Well, I'm just about done with my Pretty In Pink Mixed Media Art Quilt:

Pretty In Pink Art Quilt

I'll be finishing up on this today.  I have some of my great-aunts knitting needles and I'm planning on using one for the hanger.

If you click on the image, you can see a larger version at my Flickr site.  I made glittered leaves from Sparkle Organza.  I thought I'd write up a quick tutorial for you in case anyone else wants to do this.

Ok, so it's not rocket science, but if you're a perfectionist like me and come from the "old school" of sewing, like me, you might be a little intimidated about putting glue and glitter on fabric.  It took me a long time to "get past the rules".



Wax Paper
Fabric Glue
Fine Glitter (transparent is more attractive)
Small Brush

First, cut your leaves from the fabric.  I didn't use a pattern, I just cut simple leaves freehand.

Fabric leaves 1

I always use paper plates when glittering!  Anyway, step 2, brush one side of the leaves with fabric glue:

Fabric leaves 2

It's best to do one at time so the glue doesn't start drying before you get the glitter on:

Fabric leaves 3

Sprinkle on your glitter, shake off the excess and lay out on wax paper to dry:

Fabric leaves 4

I sewed them on my quilt using a stem stitch with #5 Perle Cotton.

Again, it's not rocket science but I thought some of my readers might enjoy giving it a try.

I must say, Mixed Media Art Quilts are quite fun.  Wait till you see how I finish Pretty In Pink!  And my next one will be this:

Spring Song Art Quilt

This will be called, "Spring Song".  Ya'll know how much I love Spring!  Anyway, not sure if I'll get started on this today.  I'll be running my sewing machine most of the day and finishing up on some projects.  Stayed tuned for those!

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Anonymous said...

Well done!........................................

Judy S. said...

Neat! I'm going to try that one of these days. BTW, my eighty year old aunt swears by pie for breakfast; maybe I can suggest cupcakes too? Our weddings are done and things are almost back to normal...lots of carseats, etc., to return and then we're off to OR for a few days with my sis. Could you add me to your newsletter list, please. I think you've got my email?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Pretty in Pink is pretty indeed! Pale pink is not normally a favourite of mine, but I'm liking this piece! Having said that - what did I buy today? - two new African Violets - both in shades of pink!! Hmmmm....maybe you're influencing me?

FredaB said...

Hi Pam

thanks for the tutorial on the leaves. Sounds simple but very effective when finished and put down on the quilt. I like trying something a little different on my quilts.



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