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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gifts For The Bride

Looks like Mom has weddings on her mind!  Makes me laugh because she doesn't like going to Weddings!  Anyway, the lovely wedding items for the Bride To Be are mom's latest finishes.  First, are her Ring Bearer's Pillows made from vintage handkerchiefs:

Ring Bearers Pillow with Battenburg Lace

Ring Bearers Pillow with Large Flowers

Ring  Bearers Pillow with Small Flowers

All are hand-beaded.

Next, are mom's Wedding Card Bags:

Wedding Card Bag with Bow

Beaded Wedding Card Bag

Made from a vintage pattern, these are hand embroidery and hand beaded.  From what mom tells me, back in the day, brides would be given a special bag to keep their wedding cards in.  Neat idea!  These could certainly be used as a purse and trust me, they are so much prettier in person than they are in my photos!

Lastly, mom made this sweet little hanging pillow/tuck pillow from a vintage kitchen towel:

Vintage Towel Ornament

Again, mom added beads!

I'll tell ya, my mother is 70 years old, has serious vision problems & depression problems like I do, but I can't keep up with listing her things!  I keep telling her, "mom, would you please slow down so I have some time to make some things!"  Ha, ha, ha! 

Hey, it gives her some purpose and the opportunity to share her talents.  My mom is an expert seamstress.  Before she went to school to become a nurse (she's retired now), she used to sew models for a fabric store.  Mom made my wedding dress and my bridesmaids dresses.  So beautiful!!!  One of these days, I'll pull out my wedding photos and share.

Well, here is my offering for today.  I started embellishing my Pretty In Pink Art Quilt:

Pretty In Pink Art Quilt

I've already hand-dyed some lace daisies and butterflies for it.  When I finish up here, I'll be glittering some fabric leaves.  Stay tuned.  I feel another tutorial coming on!

Finally for today, I've started a mailing list for anyone who would like to receive our Kitty & Me Designs newsletter.  I'll be offering specials now and then and keeping our customers up to date on our latest projects.  I thought it would be nice for anyone who doesn't have the time to read my blog everyday but would like to stay up on what we're doing with the shop.

If you would like to be added to my mailing list, please drop an email and I'll get you added asap!

That's all for today folks!  Happy Stitching, crafting and sewing!


Cathy K said...

Well, of course sign me up for your mailing list if you haven't already. Your mom is amazing! Your Pretty in Pink is coming along nicely. But watch out, or Scott is going to want a Manly in Blue piece to balance it out! LOL. Hugs, Cathy

Judy S. said...

Wow, Pam, I could've used your mom's advice when I was struggling with my ringbearer's pillow.

Baby registry said...

Those are so lovely. Cute ideas from your mom.

Cathy said...

Hi Pamela,

Just dropping by to say hello to a few sweet friends before I crawl back into bed to get well from this terrible flu. Have a wonderful warm weekend.

xo Cathy

p.s. Please drop back by my blog. I'm looking for votes for the Vetcy Award. lol

Thanks again,


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