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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Making Christmas Cards

My Thanksgiving cards are made and ready to mail out so I've started on some Christmas cards:

Purple Angel Christmas Card

I have another one at mom's that I started today but it isn't quite finished yet. I have a few other projects going as well. I mentioned last week that this will be a pink Christmas for me. I'll share what I'm working on when I have things ready. I have to make Christmas different this year so I decided on everything being pink rather than the traditional harsh red & green. I find soft pastel colors calming on my nervous system. Of course, I'm using lots of glitter as well!

I still want to pick up some pink poinsettias that I can glitter. I'll be going to Hobby Lobby with mom next week. I'm sure I'll find some there.

I had some other things I was going to chat about today but it seems that they've slipped my mind. I'm sure those thoughts will come around again and hopefully it'll be when I can write them down!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Beautiful card! You're not the only one who loses thoughts, which is why I carry a little blank book in my purse and I have notepads everywhere in the house (including beside the bed).

wandar-wanda said...

Hi, your works are beautiful, warm greetings, Wanda

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