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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!


These sweet little scarecrows are in my Garden Window. I've never really used it for plants. Instead, I like to decorate the top shelf with different do-dads for the holidays and seasons. The bottom shelf is for Lucy. She likes to lay there because of the warm sun. I'll have to get a photo of her laying there sometime. It's just too cute!

Well, I've been enjoying my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer quite a bit. I made about 6 different kinds of cookies so far. My mom and I visit the elderly at our local retirement center every other week. Mom's oldest dog, a gorgeous Black Lab named Chooch, is a therapy dog. So we take Chooch and visit the sweet elderly people at the retirement center. They absolutely adore Chooch! I need to post a photo of her too. Perhaps at Thanksgiving.

Ok, so where am I going with this? Geez, I'm still waiting for my brains to get back in my head!

Mom and I made several different kinds of cookies and fixed up these pretty little treat bags to give to the residents at the center:

Cookie Treat Bags 2

Cookie Treat Bags

Of course, we made the tags as well:

Cookie Treat Bags 3

It was amazing to us, how a little bag of homemade cookies could brighten the day for so many people! They were thrilled and went on and on about the cookies and the tags! Some of the residents no longer have family or friends to visit them so they really look forward to seeing mom and Chooch and I. And 2 days later, they're probably still talking about the Halloween treat bags!

I had intended on taking photos of my cookies and sharing a recipe or 2 but again, my brains are still somewhere else at the moment. I will be so glad when this depression subsides and when I can get off of the Zoloft so I can think straight again! My Dr. told me that I have to stay on the medication at least until late Spring. All of the symptoms have to be gone for some time before I can taper off. Well, I can honestly say that the symptoms are still here but at least I can function better.

I stitched up my Holly Doorhanger over the past few days:

Holly Doorhanger

I hope to have the energy to run my sewing machine later this week. Once I get these sewn up, my Christmas gifts are done. I still have 2 purses to sew up too. Both from last year.

Well, that's all for now. Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Halloween!


AngelDoll said...

So good hearing about your day...great Halloween are so creative.
take care.

Charlene said...

Glad you got to use your mixer and go treating! I know it is a real joy for the folks to be treated with your visits and goodies. Love your window scene.

Cathy K said...

Your post is such a day-brightener! What a lovely thing to do for the seniors at the center. And your holly doorhanger is scrumptious!! You are so creative and giving.... Hugs, Cathy

CindyMae said...

Love the Halloween decor! Cookies makes everything better!!

Gina E. said...

It sounds to me as if your brain is functioning just fine, with all that stitching and cooking! You are a girl after my own heart, visiting the senior cits. at their Home. I know very well what it means to the residents of aged care hostels to have visitors, let alone home made gifts! Give yourself and your Mom a big hug from me!

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