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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Update On Button Block #24

As you've probably noticed, I'm a little behind on blogging. I've spent a lot of time helping out my parents and I'm also in the process of really cleaning out my closets and cupboards.

My dad is doing very well but it'll be a few more weeks before he can drive again. He's walking with a cane now and only uses the walker at night when he gets tired so he's progressing very well!

I did get in a little stitching time earlier this week:

Button Block 24

I expect to complete this one soon.

I bought a few fancy Czech glass buttons from Ebay so I need to get in some treadling time too. I want to piece some blocks that will really make those fancy buttons pop! My mom also asked me for another cellphone pouch. She wants something more plain for everyday. Something with some buttons on it. Because she's visually impaired and my father is momentarily handicapped, I insist that mom keeps her cellphone on her at all times.

I'm going to try to keep my posts a little more consistent. It's not like me to not blog every day. I'm doing the best I can here so please hang in here with me.

Don't forget, for my cross stitch readers, I have some gorgeous cross stitch fabric packs from mom's stash in my Etsy shop:

10 Pieces Of 14 Count Aida


Kim said...


We know how stressed you are right now, and don't begrudge the time you're spending with family.

Thrilled to hear that your dad is doing so well!

Your latest button block is coming along great!


Gina E. said...

Hi again Pam,
I just ordered some of your Mom's aida, and one of your cross stitch patterns - from your Etsy site. The address to ship to is showing my residential address - can you ship to my postal address instead? Email me if there is a problem!

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