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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Weekend Ramblings

First, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who left a comment about my antique sewing machine. I really enjoy reading your comments even though I don't always reply personally. Many times, if someone leaves me a question, I just answer here in case other readers were wondering the same thing. That's what I'll do now with a question. The question is:

What needle do I use for Kreinik #4 Braid? I usually use a tapestry needle when I use the #4 on CQ's. For X stitch, I use (I believe) a #14 X stitch needle. My suggestion is to fold the #4 Braid in 1/2, pinch the thread with your fingers as close to the top of that loop as possible and try pushing that through the needle. That usually works for me. The metallic threads can be a challenge to work with but the results are so totally worth the effort!

Back to my antique sewing machine, I can't tell you how many times since we brought it home, that I've sat on my cedar chest and just about brought myself to tears with gratitude for it. I've wanted one for a year and 1/2 now.

I saw an antique treadle machine at a flea market back in May of 2006. It wasn't a Singer, it was a rare European machine, only in fair condition but I was fascinated with it. I remember thinking that I would like to have one someday but that I would want to have a Singer and that I wanted one in very good condition. I didn't think about it much after that, until Spring of this year when my neighbor mentioned (out of the blue) to me that his girlfriend has one. Then I remembered that I wanted one and started thinking about it more and more. We kept looking at flea markets and antique shops and we really starting seeing them but most were in very rough condition. When this one came along, I knew the moment I saw it on Ebay that it was my machine. It was Pick-Up only but I just knew it was my machine when I saw that it was just over the border in Iowa. Just a 3 hour drive away! And thankfully, my husband was more than willing to drive to Iowa to pick it up.

When he said that he was going to strip it and refinish it for me, I think that blew my mind! I never expected that. It didn't even occur to me to ask him if he would refinish the cabinet. I was just happy to have one but he insisted. So yes, I look at it and quite often, I'm overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude. I'm just so thankful to have this beautiful antique machine.

I've sat there, looking at it, wondering about the women who originally owned it and what sort of things she made on it. Clothes? Quilts? I will never know but I hope that where ever she is now, that she knows her beautiful machine is so much loved and appreciated.

Ok, I don't get mushy too often but ya'll know I have a thing for "moldy oldy stuff" as my sister puts it! "You and that moldy oldy stuff" she always says! Yeah, I really do have an appreciation for old things. I just love them!

Anyway, I finished up my Blizzard purse yesterday (on my electric machine) so here is a photo of that:

Blizzard Purse

I had wanted some white foo-foo fringe for the bottom but I couldn't find any anywhere! I thought white would look like icicles. Instead, I had to settle for the aqua blue foo-foo fringe but it works nicely. I'll probably start using this one a few days before New Years.

I also thought you would enjoy this photo:

Lucy In Chair

This gorgeous little creature is our Lucy. She's 7 pounds of hair! Ha, ha, ha! Honestly, she is the sweetest, happiest little kitty you will ever meet. My husband rescued her back in 1999. She was only 8 months old at the time, filthy, matted, covered in weeds. Our vet literally had to shave her. We never would have gotten her brushed out.

Lucy worships the ground that Scott walks on. She looks at him like he's Zeus! She follows him everywhere and she talks to him constantly. And he absolutely adores her.

Anyway, I thought she looked so cute sleeping in the chair so I took a picture.

Last but not least, this is my little 2 foot Christmas tree:


I'm not huge on Christmas for the most part. My favorite holiday's are Thanksgiving and St. Patricks Day. Don't ask why for St. Pats Day. I have no idea. I think it's just because it's the beginning of Spring! Anyway, I didn't feel like putting up the big tree so I brought this one out. It's just enough to add a nice Christmas feeling to the Living Room without seeming overwhelming, esp. when it comes to putting it away!

Well, that's my post for the day. I know much of it is a bit off topic. I usually stay with my general needlework theme but I'm waiting for my husband to get home from work so I thought I'd just share a little bit of personal stuff with you today.


CraftyT said...

I love your little tree. I did not decorate this year,I usually do but did not feel up to putting a 6ft tree up and all So I hi=ung a real wreath and put out my miniture glass nativity set. Its nice cause I dont have to worry about taking it ALL down :)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Susan said...

I'm with you on moldy old stuff. Oh, you already figured that out, didn't you? =) You do have a beautiful machine, and I'm so happy you found it. One of these days, I'll be in one spot, and I'll get mine put together. The cabinet is nice, but the mahcine is no where near as pretty as yours. I wish I had my mother's. Sigh. That Christmas tree looks like just enough Christmas tree. =) Love the blizzard purse, even with turquoise beadies.

Charlene said...

Your machine is so beautiful I understand why you're so thankful for it. That sweet kitty is just as thankful to have such a loving family! The icy bag is very pretty,as always. I enjoyed getting a peek into your world today.

patternnuts said...

I like to read the personal stuff! :)

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