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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Reading Material & Cat Pattern

While out running my errands, I was trying to think of something interesting to talk about today. With my mind on the upcoming holiday and no stitching project going at the moment, I was at a loss!

I remembered that Susan asked me the other day what I was reading so I thought I'd talk about that.

Actually, I hesitated to mention it at first since my choice of reading material is considered to be rather controversial among the norm. I have been told in the past that my business could possibly suffer from my "crazy ideas and beliefs" and that it would be best to keep this sort of thing to myself. (Please apply the utmost sarcasm on my part in reference to that statement.)

After thinking about it and after all the years that I have been designing needlework, I do feel that my work now speaks for itself. I've openly mentioned before that I don't subscribe to any conventional religious belief but rather, I believe we create our own reality.

With all that said, and probably unnecessarily, I am reading The Seth Books by Jane Roberts. If you aren't familiar with The Seth Books, Jane Roberts was a channel (a type of medium) who was able to quiet her mind enough for a non-physical being who called himself Seth, to speak through her. So the books are actually written by Seth, through Jane Roberts and dictated to Jane's husband Rob. Seth's books are about the nature of reality.

Certainly, these are not the first books on this subject that I've read. I have dozens of books on the "Laws Of The Universe" and the nature of reality but I must tell you, Seth's books are rather advanced and certainly, the most fascinating reading I've ever done!

I wouldn't recommend them to someone who is new to this type of material. Well, certainly not until they've become familiar with the subject on a more basic level. For a newbie, I recommend The Abraham Books by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Abraham is group of non-physical beings. They call themselves, Abraham and they speak thought another channel named, Esther. And in this case as well, Esther's husband Jerry takes dictation. After the Abraham books have been read, the Seth books will be easier to comprehend.

So far, I've read The Nature Of Personal Reality, The Magical Approach and Seth Speaks. I finished Seth Speaks last night. I stopped at Borders this morning and bought The Seth Material. I can't wait to curl up on my sofa and dive in!

So that's a little bit of personal stuff about me. See, I told you you might find out some interesting little tid-bit about me!!!

Anyway, before I end for the day, I wanted to share this link with you courtesy of Pat Winter. Several of my readers have asked me if I would share my cat pattern and I've stated that I prefer to keep that pattern for my personal use. I checked out the link that Pat provided yesterday to the "Best Free Craft Articles" blog and here, I found a sweet little cat pattern. It's not at all like mine, but it is a cat and you can enlarge it a bit. It's near the bottom of the page so if you're on dial-up (like me) grab a cuppa while you're waiting for the page to load. It's well worth the wait!


Charlene said...

Thanks for sharing your genuine self with us! Those season charts have been calling to me for the longest, so today I decided to gift myself! Thank you!

Pat Winter said...

Pam, Your reading sounds very interesting. I may have to pick up a book to read when hubby returns to work. Thank you for sharing the cat pattern location. The site was so large, I haven't had time to explore it in length,but what I did see was terrific! Your cats are most fantastic,no doubt tempting for other's to want to create.

Susan said...

I've always thought channeling is interesting, though I haven't read either of the series you mentioned.

I don't understand why a person's personal taste would deflect the interest of people who like your designs. I've heard this before, and there was a lot of controversy a few years back with Piecemakers. It just seems dumb to me. How boring if we are all alike!

leanan.stitches said...

I think it's generous of you to share your personal interests. I know that one of the reasons I read designers' blogs is because I like to get a better sense of them as real people. My version of celebrity-watching. :)

I can vouch for the fact that I have never liked anybody any less because they post about philosophical ideas I don't share. I think our world would benefit from more open communication and acceptance of each other.

Thank you for not being a cardboard cutout!

Sharon said...

Hi there Pam,
I am a friend of G of Patra's Place and I was originally coming across to your blog to say that I have seen both your pieces that G has in her collection and how great they are.. I have an interest in crazy quilting but my full time work life leaves very little time to explore doing more myself. It is great to view and handle pieces such as yours up close...
However I was interested to read your post on Jane Roberts I too read a fair bit of the Seth books many years ago... Reading them was certainly food for thought...

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