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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ocean Goddess Pouch Continued.....

I started stitching on this little pouch yesterday:

Ocean Goddess Pouch

It looks a bit goofy at the moment but once I get some seashells and fish on here, I think you'll get the idea of what I'm going for!

If you're wondering how I did the embellishing around the face, I do it in layers. First, I did the SRE, then I added the beads and tiny shells and finally the star sequins.

The fancy yarn went on first, then the art doll face and then the embellishing around the face. The background fabric is one of my painted dryer sheets fused to a piece of muslin with Heat & Bond. Then I added some pulled silk cocoons and some Angelina Fiber.

I'd like to get this completed today but I need my husband to drill some holes in seashells for me.

I'm planning on doing some finishing tomorrow. I at least want to get my Blizzard purse sewn up.

You've probably noticed that I have a bit of routine when it comes to stitching and sewing. I like to have a pile of pre-sewn blocks all ready to stitch on so I'll take a day here and there and just sew up blocks.

When it comes to finishing, I usually wait until I have a few things and then do them all at once. For some reason, I only like to sew during the day. Evenings for me are for stitching or reading. I know that many of my readers wonder how I get so much stitching accomplished. I just always have something ready to stitch on and sitting out. I can't sit still doing nothing for very long. Stitching quiets my head so my project is always sitting on the coffee table ready to be worked on. I see it and I stitch.

1 comment:

Susan said...

This is going to be awesome. I don't think it looks at all goofy. For some reason, I can easily imagine the rest of what you'll do. I must have ESP. LOL!

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