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Monday, December 03, 2007

New Projects

I was asked to do a custom cellphone pouch in black fabrics. I sewed this up the block on Saturday and I stitched it up yesterday:

Butterfly Pouch

Yes, I got a lot done yesterday despite running to Michaels and WalMart. I actually started on this pouch at 3:30 a.m. My rude neighbors felt that 3:30 in the morning would be a good time to ride their snowmobiles up and down my street. Scott and I decided to overlook it this time because it was the first snow of the season but if there's a next time, I will be calling the police!

Anyway, so I have it all stitched now and will do with machine & hand finishing today.

My next CQ project will be a purse:

Winter Purse

Ya'll know how much I love Winter.....NOT! Actually, Winter wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't cold and it didn't snow. And if I didn't have rude neighbors with snowmobiles! Ha, ha, ha!

Well, I thought a special purse just for the month of January would be something nice to help get me through the wicked month.

The blue snowflake is an acrylic ornament I found at Hobby Lobby. I can sew that on but I think I'll need Scott to drill a few extra holes in it for me.

Also, look closely at the lace. Do you notice anything interesting? I want this to be so glittery that it's almost blinding to look at in the sunlight. Just like real snow! I painted on some fabric glue with a small paintbrush and then I sprinkled on some very fine glitter. Is that too cool or what?!!!

So after I do some more finishing on my sewing machine today, I want to start on this.

I'm also wanting to pull out my vintage iron-on transfers and stitch some things from those and I'm wanting to pull out my box of Poly-Clay and play with that. Geez! Too bad I have to take the time to sleep at night. Maybe the snowmobiles aren't such a bad thing after all! No one can accuse me of not having ambition!

BTW - if anyone is looking for the 2008 Valentine Mystery Stitch-Along Project, you can find it here. It starts on January 3rd. I gave this one a lot of lead-time due to the Christmas Holiday.


Allison Ann Aller said...

That black pouch is stunning, Pam!

patternnuts said...

Would love to sign up but I am feeling a bit guilty having hit Etsy a few times ;) already. *grins

loulee1 said...

Love thebutterfly purse and the wintry workings! I'll be watching your new creation.

Susan said...

Oh, yes, that's perfect. Gotta have it. Send the invoice to khryskringle. =) The wintery lace is too cool! You are always doing the unexpected.

paru's_circle said...

3.30 in the morning..they must be nuts ;-)

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