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Friday, December 07, 2007

More Snow!

And not just on this purse! But I'll spare you my whining today! Ha, ha, ha!!!

Yes, I did a lot of beading on this yesterday:

Blizzard Purse

The silver snowflake at the bottom right is a pin that I bought at a flea market back in November.

Scott drilled some extra holes in my big blue snowflake so that will be going on today along with more beads and more sequins.

It isn't quite blinding yet, but it's getting there!

My post tomorrow will be a little later in the day. Scott and I are planning on finishing up our Christmas shopping. We just have a little left to do. I will post an update on this purse tomorrow though, just check in a little later than normal.


patternnuts said...

Love it! Looks so snowy and delicate!

Charlene said...

Winter wonderland? Ice and glitz. Very pretty!

Susan said...

It's looking pretty blingy! I see that South Bend is getting showers and freezing rain, so I presume you either are getting, or will get, the same weather. That's going to take the fun out of shopping! Be careful driving out there!

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