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Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Blizzard Is Done!

Well, almost. I'll sew this up sometime this coming week:

Blizzard Purse

Is this glittery or what?!!!! It sparkles so much, that it really is almost blinding in the light! And that's what I wanted. I'll post another photo when I get it sewn together.

I haven't decided for sure on my next project. I have a couple more purse blocks all ready to stitch on, a few cellphone pouches and a couple of Valentine projects. I just have to pick one.

And Scott said that my antique sewing machine is almost ready. He expects to have it completely done by the end of the weekend. I'm so looking forward to treadling! As soon as it's ready, I'll post a photo of it. He's done such a great job on refinishing the cabinet and cleaning up the machine. It's gorgeous! I expect you'll get to see in the next couple of days!


Kim said...

WOW!!! It's nice and glittery, and I bet it's even more so IRL!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished purse!


Susan said...

Bling to the max! Beautiful, too. I can hardly wait to see the Singer!

Vivian said...

You have created a snowstorm! Very nice stitching and embellishments.

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