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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Art Doll Faces

I finished this little one up last night:

Art Doll Pouch

What a fun project this was! The gold really brought that wild block together.

I've been wanting to do another seascape so I decided I would do a "Goddess Of The Sea" pouch next:

Ocean Goddess Pouch

I'll use another one of those Poly Clay faces that I made along with some little fish and shells. Stop by tomorrow for an update on that.

As for my antique sewing machine, it's all done now except for one tiny thing. My husband still has to put the new bezels on that go in the lock holes. There were several missing so we bought new ones. I'm hoping tomorrow to have a photo of it for you. Wait until you see it! It's gorgeous!

And, on a further happy note, the sun is out here! I'll admit, with the sun shining on the ice coated trees, it's very glittery outside at the moment. Although as much as I like glitter, I do prefer it on my stitching rather than my backyard trees! Thankfully, Mother Nature will have that taken care of in a few hours!

1 comment:

. said...

Gosh I wish I could do work like you, it's stunning!

(check my blog for a lovely gift I received from a fellow stitcher today :) )

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